Lena Applebaum


My name is Lena I am an artist painter based in London, UK. I was born in Riga, Latvia in 1987.  
Graduated from Westminster University, London with bachelor degree in Architecture. My work is influenced by optimism and harshness of my Baltic/Russian roots. Further inspiration comes from visiting places… travelling. I love exploring alternative sites, like post-Utopian places across Europe, visiting abandoned buildings and playgrounds. I tend to re-imagine of how some of the best qualities of these once thriving places could be translated to contemporary art. My work is very imaginative and is built around my signature character I'm calling a 'Spacebaby'. Spacebaby refers to adventure, youth and mystery and can be interpreted as an 'inner child'.
I have studied in the school of arts in my home country, for  5 years until my mid-teens. The support of my family together with the years spent studying in the school of Art improved my skills, confidence and set of mind to pursue my career as an artist.
My pieces can be found in public galleries and private collections in the US, UK, Switzerland, Germany and France.