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Lena Applebaum


"We all are, or will eventually be, "The Spacebaby"

-Lena Applebaum

Lena Applebaum is a British artist-painter based in London, UK. Her work focuses on expressive portraits of children in the Outer Space. The signature character of the artist is the 'Spacebaby', where babies, like little superheroes, represent adventure, youth, and mystery.

Central theme in Lena Applebaum’s work speak to the idea of journeys we all take from the innocence of childhood to the exploration of adulthood. Through her paintings of children, she aims to capture the emotions and experiences of growing up. Lena draws inspiration from visiting places such as utopian cities across Europe, abandoned buildings, playgrounds, and mid-century vintage designs and toys.

In her works of art Lena Applebaum also loves to explore the mystery and beauty of the cosmos, which she believes to be connected to our inner space.

Her work is characterized by bright colours, expressive brushwork and a sense of playfulness.

Lena Applebaum's paintings has been exhibited in public galleries and private collections in the United Kingdom, USA, France, Germany, Spain, Japan, China and Switzerland.

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Currently exhibiting

ZtoryTeller Art Gallery, Hong Kong, China

Address: 1/F, 15 Staunton Street, Central

Hong Kong, China

Group exhibition

Trinity Art Gallery, London, UK

Address: London City Island, Unit 22 Hope St, Leamouth Peninsula,

London E14 0LG, UK

Group exhibition

My work is also available at


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